We think it’s important for our customers to know exactly what they’re buying. We feel that it’s our job to help our customers make an informed decision so that they will have the right shoe for the right purpose and the right fit. 

We also know that we have customers that just want a good looking shoe, and that’s alright as well. We’re also shoe lovers here, so we are into the latest looks and technologies.

We can help you find exactly what you need.

Our personalized fit analysis will cover the basics of shoe fitting:



Your shoes should be fitted to your foot, but not tight. The fit comes from the mid-foot. You should always allow for an extra half to full thumbs width at the front of your shoe, with wiggle room for your toes.

*Did you know that dress shoes and athletic shoes are not sized the same? About 80% of our customers find out they were buying the wrong size shoe.



Each customer has a different feel that they want. How you want to feel in your running   shoes is unique to you. Do you like soft, responsive, all day support?



Function simply means how the shoe works for you on your run or wearing them all day. Each customer has specific needs that we will address individually



1. What type of shoe are you looking for?

We want to know exactly what your needs are and what you are looking for. Are you a runner training for a 5K or marathon?  Are you working out and want a shoe to go from the gym to a short run? Do you wear your shoes for work? Do you have any specific needs or injuries we need to address? More information always helps us determine your specific needs.

2. Analyzing your feet.

We address all types of arches from high arches to flat feet and severely over pronating arches. We’ll measure you up to make sure you get the correct size. We also want to get a visual of where your pressure sits when you are standing still. We believe that your body works as a system. Imbalances in the hips or lower back can show up in your feet and problems with your feet can affect everything through your knees, hips and lower back.



3. Let’s test them out!

After we pick out the shoe that matches your foot by shape and comfort, we want you to walk around the store to get a feel for the shoe. For our runners, you are invited to try them out on the treadmill here at the store. There’s no better way to test a run shoe than to run in it.  We take a holistic approach to footwear. We start by looking at how you move from the hips on down (your gait cycle). Your alignment, prior injuries and your natural run motion all play a part in which shoe will work for you in motion

4. Picking your right shoe.

After we assess your style of running and/or your footwear needs, we’ll pick out a number of shoes that address your specific running/walking style. We pick out a number of brands because each brand has a unique shape and feel. There is no one “best Brand” or “best Shoe”. The best fit will always be the one that fits your foot the best and addresses your specific needs.



5. You make the final call.

While we are here to offer advice on what will work for you, we want you to be happy with your selection. We do everything we can to ensure that your shoe fits correctly and works even better before you leave the store.  We’re here to help if the shoe doesn’t feel the same as it did in the store.


Stride and offset considerations

The old school train of thought was all based primarily on arch type, putting most feet into 3 foot types or categories. How much pronation do you have in your feet from heel to toe-off? While this information is still useful, it should not be the only information used to determine footwear. As our knowledge has evolved on anatomy and footwear, your natural stride has been more of the focus. We have a variety of brands that address all different strides and running styles.