Finding the shoe that's best for you.



Our promise:


Perfectly Fit is Hammond’s original Running, Fitness and “fit” store. When we first opened in 2007, we were known as Hammond’s first running store. We quickly gained a reputation for being the “Fit Store.” Today we get customers from the entire region looking for help finding a good shoe. We take care of a broad group of customers, including runners, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone needing comfortable shoes.


If the shoe fits…


There are a lot of shoe retailers and online stores out there. The problem is: How do you know what will be comfortable for you?  

When most people shop for shoes, they simply buy the brand they want in the color they like, without knowing whether the shoe will actually work. Others simply ask a friend what they’re wearing and try it out.  Our goal is to make it easy to find the right shoe and fit for you and your unique needs.

Do you have to run to wear running shoes? No. In fact, 60% of our customers don’t run at all. The running shoe category is simply the most comfortable and the best for your alignment.

Of course, not everyone can wear athletic or running shoes. Maybe you’re looking for work shoes? For those customers, we have orthotic inserts and accessories to help address their issues.



“The shoes they recommended work wonderfully. Ran 2000 meters yesterday and no shin splints. I have been through 3 pair of shoes in the last 6 months all shin splints till I came to here. This is a game changer for my fitness. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.” 

Claire Starkey Bankston


“They really took the time to make sure I got the best shoes for long periods of standing at work, even ordering me a special pair because I needed a specific color for my uniform . I absolutely love my new work shoes, I haven't had any foot pain since!”

Christy Craig


“I wanted to thank everyone at perfectly fit for helping through 3 great seasons at PHS. The dedication and attention yall have given to me has been truly a great experience for me… I promise I will be back every summer to shop at this local store which has always helped me.”

Lucas Coleman